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After a publication break, the print version of  the San Juan Silver Stage is back on the trail again! And with it, a digital edition at silverstage.news PLUS our socIal media pages AND this archival website with all your favorite stories.

Print, Online Edition, Social Media, Archival website.

Celebrating the arts and western lifestyles since 1996, The San Juan Silver Stage covers Regional Activities, Arts & Entertainment, Recreation & Travel, Cultural Events, Finance, Health, and above all, how to live well and enjoy life in Western Colorado. We are all about Community, and share how you can be a part of it.

Welcome back, hope you enjoy the ride with us!

The San Juan Silver Stage began as a monthly newsprint print publication. Within 10 years we had grown to  4 issues per year and three-to-five sections per issue.  Our readers and advertisers wanted something smaller and, well – slippery and more fun to hold, so we went to a glossy-format 8×10 magazine.

Advertising in that kind of publication is more expensive, so we cut back to two issues a year to keep costs in line for our faithful advertisers.  Beginning in 2000, we began publishing other magazines in addition to the Silver Stage. These included The Silverton Magazine, Ouray County Magazine, Durango & Silverton All Aboard, Royal Gorge All Aboard, and numerous specialty event and regional publications. We had fun!

Then the economy tanked. Printers started going out of business. We watched our competitors struggle and disappear. Not wanting to fall into that void, and having had an online version of the Silver Stage almost since its inception, we went with the flow jumped in the digital arena. 

The majority of our advertisers are now our website clients. From the beginning, a big part of San Juan Publishing has always been graphic and web design. We changed our presentation emphasis to meet clients’ needs in a changing economy and more sophisticated technology.  During the print hiatus, we took care of our advertisers, and now,  they are taking care of us. 

Today, although many people are inclined to seek information on the web, rather than from print publications, print is experiencing a definite revival!

The Stage is back on the trail again—this time in print AND online with two different versions. We are using our combined expertise and experience in print and internet marketing to publish a digital copy of each issue at silverstage.news (in typical page-turner format)  AND maintain this archival version, published in a website format and filled with our favorite and most popular articles.  

The internet allows unlimited ‘story space’ and can carry current and archival articles without having to cut and squeeze to fit a finite length determined by how many paper pages we are going to print.

We are now, and always have been, a lifestyle publication. We bring only good news, sharing activities and events around our region of interest to our readers. 

Our web department has been working diligently to upgrade and revise the entire online Silver Stage publication, bringing back and re-publishing articles many of our readers have requested. It’s kind of like visiting old friends—so much to catch up on, so many memories, events, activities, to revisit.  We’re having a great time pulling it all together, the old and the new, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

If you remember an article we published and don’t see it here, let us know, and we’ll do our best to find it and put it up online for you.

Kathryn R. Burke
Editor and Publisher,
The San Juan Silver Stage
San Juan Publishing Group, Inc.



We welcome well-written stories with regional and local interest. Please query our editor with your topic and area of interest before submitting your work. All submissions must have the author’s name, daytime telephone number and e-mail address. Contact information is for our records only and is not published.  SUBMISSION FORM

We’re community minded, and understand the conundrum between affordability and visibility. Consequently, although we do need advertising to survive, we also realize our clients have tight ad budgets – so we do our best to accommodate everyone. If you would like to advertise with us, please fill out our ADVERTISING INTEREST FORM.

Remembering an article you liked that we published several years ago and want to see it again?  Tell us a little about it – topic, title, author – as much as you can remember, and we’ll ty to find it for you and re-publish.  ARCHIVE ARTICLE FORM.