Hot Springs

Hot Springs

ahhhh Soothing Hot Springs
deliciously hot, balm to sore muscles, soothing to the soul

Story by Kathryn R. Burke
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Hot Springs[SW Colorado] THE NATIVE AMERICANS knew the secrets of natural hot springs — heavenly, deliciously hot, soothing to the soul and sore muscles. It didn’t take long for the white man to also discover them when he first arrived in the area. There are several in the area. Ouray offers the Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool, Orvis Hot Springs (bathing suits optional), and natural hot pools at several lodging establishments. Silverton doesn’t have an “official” hot pool, but Ouray and Durango do, and they’re close by.

Durango’s Trimble Hot Springs has long been a favorite of locals and vacationers. Silverton’s unofficial “hot tub” is a real tub tucked up on a mountainside near Chattanooga. Many more unofficial springs around the region offer toasty respites, some of them popping up unexpectedly in a farmer’s field or even someone’s backyard. Look for the lawn chairs along a stream or river bank…and you might find your own personal hot springs!

But, the grandest of them all is the Springs Resort at Pagosa Springs. Eighteen pools with temperatures ranging from 83 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit are terraced along the river. Two of them are adult-only, insuring total tranquility. All of them are within sight and sound of the San Juan River. The Resort is open year-round to the public as well as guests and also offers a full menu of spa services. Nearby, all within Pagosa Springs, are other natural pools, delightful shops and a variety of restaurants.

In for a soak or in for a day, whatever your pleasure, you will find the unique hot springs of the San Juan Mountains a cure for just about anything.

Top: The Springs Resort, Pagosa Springs © Kathryn R.Burke.
Center: Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Park. © James Burke.
Bottom: Courtesy Orvis Hot Springs.

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