Profile: Linda Nadel

Imagine That!

Story by Kathryn R. Burke
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Linda Nadel[Montrose, Colorado, 2008] LINDA NADEL IS A TRULY HAPPY PERSON. We’re talking the real deal here, where there is happiness in every brushstroke and it shows on every painting she does.

3zs. Watercolor. "It might seem crazy but when I saw the B&W zebras all I could imagine painting was all this color!"
3zs. Watercolor. “It might seem crazy but when I saw the B&W zebras all I could imagine painting was all this color!”
The Girls. Watercolor.
The Girls. Watercolor.
Goat Heh. Watercolor
Goat Heh. Watercolor

“Every time I pick up a paintbrush, it’s pure joy!” Nadal says. “When people look at my artwork, they see ‘Happy!’ and that makes them happy too.” I’m an every day persons’ artist, people relate to my subjects and it makes them feel good.”

That happiness shows in everything she paints, often full of whimsey and color. Linda’s world has it’s own special palette. Her florals have a unique feel all her own. When you view one of Linda’s paintings, there is no doubt who painted it. Her unique style is all her own, and it’s impossible not to smile when you view it! Nadal paints, but she teaches too. Her classes are like her paintings, happy retreats for the people who participate. A lot of her students are repeat particpators. And they feel good too. “This is therapy.” Nadal says, “but it’s a sort of self-therapy. The more you do it, the better you feel.”

The classes, and the traveling workshops–”Last year we went to Taos and stayed at a Casita, boy was that fun!”—keep her busy and provide the creative variety she needs to keep that happy level going. Now she’s illustrating books and has self-published one of her own, the first in a series of illustrated children’s books.“People need to find their own creative outlet,” Nadal says. “Whatever it may be, painting, writing, it really doesn’t matter so long as you do something naturally that makes you happy the rest of your life.”

For Linda, that creative outlet centers on watercolor. From the first class she took in that media, she was hooked. She went on to study with artists in Colorado and California—still does for that matter—and continues her “art education” by sharing with others in the classes and workshops she conducts in the studio behind her home in Montrose.Linda has several times been the featured and cover artist for the’ Silver Stage.’ She recently published her second childrens book. Nadel is also active in Montrose’s “Main in Motion” where artists and musicians entertain downtown on Thursday evenings all summer long. Her work is on display at various locations throughout Montrose.

Linda Nadel’s  “Silver Stage” cover paintings have become a series of prints and holiday greeting cards (also available locally or through the artist’s studio, Imagine That! She also is working on her another self-published children’s book.
To learn more about Linda and to view some of her work or register for a class or workshop, please visit her website.

All images courtesy of the artist.